How To Prevent Headlice?

How To Prevent Spread Of Lice At Summer Camp?

Summer camp is one of the most memorable times of anyone as a childhood. Children are thinking about going on hikes, going for a swim, singing around the campfire and having an unforgettable time. The one thing that is a big No-No on anyone’s mind is getting head lice at summer camp, which could ruin this beautiful experience for a child.

A report by the American Camp Association states that, one of the most common calls they received by their Camp Crisis Hotline are from camps who have queries about head lice. These calls are related to either a staff member or a child being infected by lice, or about wanting to take precautionary measures to curb a lice outbreak before it occurs. In another research by the University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital that tracked lice infection in about 500 summer camps over a three-year period found that close to 69 percent of camp leaders said that lice infection was a major challenge faced by both parents as well as camp staff.

Preventive measures must be taken by both parents as well as camp staff to make sure this outbreak is prevented as much as possible and to ensure no child is sent back home infected with lice, since many camps have a strict action “No Nit Policy”. The following steps can help in preventing such an outbreak at summer camps:

  • Check your child before you send them to camp to make sure there are no nits or lice in your child’s hair. If there are signs of a lice infection, make sure you treat them for it before they are sent off to summer camp, as the child could be sent home due to a strict No Nits Policy.
  • Pillows and sheets must be cleaned regularly, as well as check on a periodic basis to make sure they do not have any live lice on them, before children use them. Pillows and sheets must also be washed in hot water to make sure you get rid of lice if found on bed linen.
  • Keeping length of hair short for boys as well as tying the hair of girls could also slightly help in curbing the spread of lice.
  • While it’s good for children to share their things with other kids, in the case of summer camps, children should be cautioned about sharing personal belongings such as hats, scarves, helmets, clothes, brushes and other personal grooming items while at camp.

As a parent, you should talk to the camp leaders to find out more about the precautions they have taken to prevent lice infection as well as measures taken to curb it in case there is an outbreak.

If your child returns home after camp and has lice in their hair, make sure you are not harsh to them. Use natural remedies for lice such as Mediker Anti-Lice Shampoo for kids to treat lice, so your child is happy, playful and free from lice again.


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