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What are Super Lice and How Do You Treat Super Lice?

What are Super Lice?

When we ask the question, ‘what is super lice’, you may visualize the image of a freakishly large lice; but in reality, super lice in hair are just regular sized lice that have evolved and become resistant to regular pesticide-based lice shampoo. Owing to the excessive use of pesticide-based over-the-counter lice treatments, super lice have become resistant to them.

A research study published in 2016 stated that lice samples from 47 out of 48 states in USA have pesticide-resistant genes in them. Early studies had indicated that over-the-counter medication has a success rate between 96 to 100 percent; but studies done more recently in the United States show that the effectiveness of the same medication is now closer to 25 percent.

What are the Symptoms of Super Lice?

Super lice symptoms are similar to those of all kinds of head lice, including the feeling of something moving in the hair, an itchy scalp, irritability and difficulty sleeping. Super lice and regular lice only differ in their response to treatment. If they are still present after treating with a traditional over-the-counter product, they may be super lice.

While head lice are not known to spread any kind of disease, they can cause a lot of discomfort to the affected person. In rare cases, where this infection has been neglected for a prolonged period of time, symptoms would include severe itching which causes open wounds on the scalp, which, in turn, leads to bacteria entering the person’s bloodstream and causing infections. In most cases, being infected by Super Lice only prolongs the suffering as it takes a while before one realizes that the current treatment is not working.

How Do you Treat Super Lice?

So now the question that arises is how do you get rid of super lice or how to treat super lice? Is there actually a cure for super lice, who are already resistant to the treatments that kill them?  Currently, there are certain remedies for lice that are considered effective against Super Lice, but they come with their own downsides. The most common Super Lice treatment, which are resistant to treatment containing pyrethrin & pyrethroid, is by using stronger medication on them. Although effective in getting rid of super lice, it could adversely affect the scalp of the affected child. Also, one of the most talked about treatments for super lice is considered to be hot air treatments. This treatment involves hair dryers or straighteners used on the scalp to get rid of the pests. While using a hairdryer long enough to kill lice would burn the scalp, a straightener would not get deep enough to take care of the problem. There are professional treatments available that are considered effective on super lice, but are quite expensive and do not get rid of nits.

The question as to what kills super lice is still unanswered though. Speaking of which, the best and most effective way to treat lice, nits and super lice is to use a shampoo that’s not just pesticide-free, but also has a 100% natural formula, which is Mediker Anti-Lice Shampoo. Since Mediker is an all-natural treatment and doesn’t contain either pyrethrin or pyrethroid, it is still highly effective on Super Lice! One of the biggest advantages of using Mediker is that it comes in an easy wash-off format which makes it convenient to get rid of head lice, super lice as well as nits in 4 easy steps with 4 washes and a wide-toothed comb. So if you’re looking for the best way to get rid of super lice in your hair, like a “super lice shampoo”, Mediker is the answer you’ve been looking for all this time.


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