How To Use Mediker Shampoo

How It Works?

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Head lice is caused if your child comes in contact with someone already infected with lice; so, it is necessary to check for lice every week.

The easiest way - check for head lice while your little ones are watching TV or reading a book. Separate your child’s hair into sections and use a comb with a white cloth background in a well-lit room, to see if your child has any head lice!

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In case you do detect lice in your child’s hair, choosing the right treatment is imperative. Use Mediker - the 100% natural, pesticide-free and pain-free treatment on your child’s scalp.

Application of Mediker

Applying Mediker Shampoo
1. Apply Mediker Shampoo on wet hair to create lather.
Anti Lice Shampoo Lather
2. Leave the lather on for 4 minutes for the treatment to be effective. Since it only stuns lice, it does not harm the scalp of your little one.
Wash Your Child’s Hair
3. Wash your child’s hair thoroughly.
Comb out the lice
4. Comb out the lice painlessly with the Mediker metallic lice-removal comb within 30 minutes, while hair is still wet. Repeat the process till lice and nits are satisfactorily removed.
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It is essential to take precautions in the days immediately following the Mediker treatment.

Family members who share the same home must also be inspected for head lice, regularly. Combs and brushes must be boiled in water, while clothes, pillow-covers and bedsheets must be washed in hot water. Lice have a lifespan of 3 days while nits have a lifespan of 10 days. With proper care you can prevent them from recurring.

It takes just 4 washes to break the lice cycle! Know More