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Custard Apple Seeds - Mediker Shampoo Ingredients Custard Apple Seeds Natural antidote for scalp
related infections like lice
Indian Lilac Extract (Neem) - Mediker Shampoo Ingredients Indian Lilac Extract (Neem) Removes excessive oil and
dirt from the scalp
Camphor - Mediker Shampoo Ingredients Camphor Reduces irritation and itching of
scalp due to lice bites and nits
Coconut - Mediker Shampoo Ingredients Coconut Moisturises the scalp and
eases the removal of lice

Three steps to

A lice-free life

Check A weekly lice-check for your little one is a must! Do it while they are watching their favourite show or playing with their toys. They will be less fussy.
Cure Treat your child’s sensitive scalp with a 100% natural zero-pesticide formula. Apply Mediker shampoo regularly and comb out lice painlessly.
Confirm Simple steps like combing your little one’s hair after a wash, dry cleaning the bedding, pillow covers, etc. prevent lice from manifesting again.
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Happy Customers

Wendy van Dijk Brussels, Belgium My daughter gets lice transferred very often and she needs proper care to get rid of them. We started using Mediker mostly on Sundays as she doesn’t have school then. After shampooing, we comb her hair with a regular comb and the lice starts pouring down thick and fast. Mediker is a really great cure for my kids.
Julia Gainer Chicago, USA When my son got lice, I was scared to just use any shampoo because of his sensitive scalp. But then, when I came across Mediker, I was glad to see that it was natural and without any pesticides. Over a period of 4 weekly usages, my son’s lice problem was tackled successfully.
Bianca Robertson Liverpool, England My daughter had a very bad lice infection. She would just be scratching her head non-stop. When I read about Mediker, I decided to give it a try. After 4 weekly washes, I was happy to see that her hair was rid of lice.

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About Us

It can be daunting for any child to go through the aftermath of suffering from a lice infection. The social exclusion and the resultant irritation can be traumatic for a child. However, mothers do not need to worry anymore. They need not use different solutions that might just aggravate the infection.

What they need is a solution that ends the Lice cycle without affecting the child’s scalp and in a painless way. Enter Mediker!

It has been made using ingredients like Coconut, Camphor, Neem and Custard Apple Seeds. This natural formula has helped Mediker scale borders and led it to become the preferred choice of many mothers worldwide, who are dealing with lice infection of their children.

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