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Turn your child’s life from Lice positive to LIFE POSITIVE with Mediker Anti-Lice Shampoo. Mediker is a 100% natural and painless treatment for getting rid of head lice. Mediker uses all-natural ingredients such as Indian Lilac Extract, Camphor, Coconut and Custard Apple Seed extracts, which stuns the lice and makes it easy to brush them out using a wide-toothed comb.

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Lice Treatment Shampoo
  • 100% Natural actives
  • Trusted for over 50 years!
  • Zero pesticide formula
  • Painless Wash-off formula

Nourish your Child’s hair with Mediker

Using Mediker Anti-Lice Shampoo assures you of a 100% natural and painless treatment for your child’s head lice. Mediker provides an easy wash-off and brush-out formula, to help you get rid of head lice painlessly.

Revive your little one’s hair with Mediker, now!


Asked Questions

What is head lice?

Head lice are small, wingless insects that live in the hair on your head and feed off the blood from your scalp. Head lice do not spread diseases, but their bites can cause severe irritation and secondary infections if scratched by affected individuals.

Does Lice damage hair?

As lice feed off the human blood from the scalp, they use human hair as support to move around the scalp. Using ineffective anti lice treatments or chemical treatments can cause damage to hair.

Can there be any side-effects of using Mediker?

No side effects have been found of using Mediker shampoo.

Is it necessary to comb after shampooing with Mediker?

Mediker Shampoo works on lice by stunning them and not killing them. Stunning the lice makes it easy for you to remove them, with a comb. If you do not do this, the infection will remain after the lice get active again.

Is one bottle of Mediker sufficient for my kid?

It is recommended to use about 5ml – 10ml (i.e. about the size of a $1 coin) of Mediker shampoo while washing your child’s hair. This needs to be repeated every day till the head is free of lice and nits. Consumers have found it to be effective in four washes. As the shampoo is available in 100ml and 200ml bottles, it is sufficient for you and your child.